How to choose a decent gaming notebook?

The simplest choice is if you have a lot of money to spend – then just look into right section of the shop a buy some of the most expensive notebooks, you probably cannot choose badly. If you need to spare some money, then you need to study or read something about it – like this article…

Notebook is practically the same, as personal computer. Unlike PC (Personal Computer), there is almost no chance to upgrade it later, with newer components (make it more powerful). Also, if you take gaming performance/cost, there is a huge difference. PC is always the winner at this field! So if you do not need to move the computer around, consider buying PC instead of notebook.

What are the basic parameters to look?

Current list is ordered by importance.

Final thoughts:

Remember – you cannot buy a good gaming notebook for a price of the cheapest model. The price will always be higher, but doesn’t have to by the highest… If you follow these rules, you will buy a decent machine with some power left to play new games. Maybe not at full details, but playable.
And of course, don’t forget at a good gaming mouse. You will suck at touchpad, believe us!

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